We are a network of media professionals located right here on the Internet all around the world. If you would like to join forces with a group of people who are working for positive change in the realm of communications and technology please become a member. Membership costs nothing to join and we only ask that you donate to the project on a voluntary basis. Become a member and when mediajam begins to feed you then you can begin to feed it.


When you become a member you will have a page on this site that promotes you and your services. At times you will be invited to work on a team with other mediajam members. Presently we are focusing on Internet development and are mostly interested in artists and technicians with proven skills in web development. Eventually our focus will be on all media so if you do not fulfill our immediate needs inquire anyway, we will eventually need your talents.

mediajam is an inclusive environment, we make no claim on your time and who you decide to work with outside of the time you spend with us.



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last updated 6/18/2005