mediajam is a full service media design and production network.

If it is available on the Internet today mediajam will deliver it. Since we are a totally dynamic group of individuals we are not bound by the limitations of our "in house" talent. Our house is the world. If you have a taste for the latest and the best we can deliver it. If your needs are simple we will not turn you away.

Our production teams range from just one specialists to large groups of people depending on the requirements of your project. We deliver the best possible product at reasonable rates. Since we are not a company but a network of individuals there is little spent on overhead. Most of our members manage themselves. We are skilled and experienced enough to be independent so we set our own hours and work in the environment that we choose. Your media will be delivered by clear minded focused professionals.

Presently we are focused on Internet development. We also deliver print, video or fixed media interactives (CD-ROM, kiosks or DVD).



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last updated 6/18/2005